LEGO MOVIE 2 Feb 15-21

Held over for Family Day weekend

3D Fri-Thurs 7pm

2D Fri-Mon 2pm & 5pm

Extra Family Day Showings



For "Grown-Up" Movie Lovers who want to get their fix of the latest blockbusters or indie films in a baby-friendly environment. This is open to Mom, Dad or any caregiver on SELECT EZ Tuesdays movies! That's right you get the special EZ Tuesday pricing and you can bring your babe(s) for a "Grown-Up" Movie of the latest ADULT blockbusters in a baby-friendly environment. Please note most movies will be rated PG, 14A or 18A and will not be appropriate for children to actually watch - this is for the caregiver to enjoy!

To ensure your experience is "baby-friendly," we'll raise the house lights and lower the volume of the movie. Baby talk and other parenting requirements are encouraged PLUS stroller parking is available and latecomers are welcomed.

Price:  $10 for drink+popcorn+movie the EZ Tuesday deal.   Babies 0-2yrs Free.

Movie starts at 12noon on select Tuesdays.


Join us on these dates:


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